• DNA Testing

    Advanced at home saliva collection genetic testing of 83 million SNPs, genes, and health conditions with an updatable report as new research develops

  • Consultation

    Online feedback session included to discuss and explain results and a personalised prevention plan going forward

  • Personalized Supplementation

    Have your DNA based, tailored to you supplement delivered and altered to you monthly.

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"the future of personalized healthcare"

Ella Genetics is a genetics-based approach to prevention and personalized care.

Frequently asked questions

What does the Test of a Lifetime include?

The test of a Lifetime includes the Health test and the Ancestry test, all courier costs and a consultation feedback session will be covered.

Are there any pay-off options?

Yes, you can pay off your DNA test with our medical credit provider, Mediwallet. Pay off your DNA test by applying online and have a three-month interest-free solution. Click here

How is the DNA collected?

We send out a saliva collection device to you and have it collected from you. Saliva is one of the most accessible of our body's bio-fluids making saliva sample collection easy and non-invasive. Saliva also harbors a wide spectrum of genetic data that can be used for genetic research and clinical diagnostic applications.

I tested with another genetic company, can you give me feedback & personalized supplementation?

Yes of course! You can send your genetic results to info@ellagenetics.com and we will gladly assist you. We will get in contact with you regarding the next steps.

How much does the supplement cost?

We are very determined to have you use the correct
supplement because we have seen the effects it can have on your health. When we create a supplement for you, we don't only tailor it specifically to your DNA but also according to your budget.

Do I receive a feedback session?

Yes, with your DNA test, you will receive a one-hour online feedback session to go through your DNA results in depth.

Do you do personalised meal plans?

Yes, we can create a meal plan on your online profile with the Test of a Lifetime and/or the Health test. You can also meet with our in-house dietician for more in-depth programmes.